Why Do Dogs Lick Their Wounds?

Dogs are known for their healing abilities, and one of the most common ways dogs heal themselves is through licking. But why do dogs lick their wounds?

It’s a question that has puzzled animal experts for years. It turns out, there are several reasons why dogs lick their wounds, and understanding them can help us better care for our furry friends.

1. Pain Relief

The first reason why dogs lick their wounds is to provide pain relief. Saliva contains substances that can numb the area, which provides temporary relief from the pain.

This also helps stop bleeding by forming a protective coating on the wound. Additionally, saliva contains beneficial enzymes which can help protect the skin from infection and accelerate healing.

2. Cleaning the Wound

Another reason why dogs lick their wounds is to clean them. Licking helps remove dirt, debris, and foreign particles that could cause an infection if they remain in the wound.

Furthermore, saliva naturally contains antibacterial properties which help keep bad bacteria away from the wound site and reduce the risk of infection.

3. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Finally, licking can be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs with open wounds or injuries.

When they lick their wounds, it releases endorphins into their system which can act as natural painkillers and relaxants – similar to how humans use yoga or meditation to reduce stress levels.

This helps decrease inflammation at the wound site as well as promote faster healing by reducing muscle tension around the injury site so it can heal properly without any interruption or further damage caused by stress hormones.


Licking is an instinctive behavior among dogs and one of the most common ways that they self-heal after an injury or open wound.

While it may seem strange or even unhygienic at first glance, it actually serves several important purposes such as providing pain relief, cleaning the wound site, and helping reduce stress levels during recovery time.

Understanding why your dog licks its wounds will not only help you better care for your pet but also make sure you always have peace of mind when it comes to their health!

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