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How to Work from Home with Pets

More and more people are working from home these days, and for pet owners, this can present a unique set of challenges.

Pets can provide companionship, comfort, and a little comic relief throughout the workday, but they can also be a major distraction. If you’re struggling to balance work and pet care, don’t worry—you’re not alone.

In this post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for working from home with pets, so you can stay productive and keep your furry friends happy.

  1. Set Boundaries

The first step to working from home with pets is to set boundaries. Your pet may see you at home and assume that you’re available for playtime or snuggles whenever they want. It’s important to establish a routine and communicate your boundaries with your pet.

This can include creating a designated workspace where your pet is not allowed or using a sign on your office door to signal when you’re working and shouldn’t be disturbed.

2. Keep Your Pet Entertained

While you’re working, your pet may get bored or restless. After all, they’re used to having your attention all day! To help keep your pet entertained, provide them with toys or chews that they can play with on their own.

You can also incorporate short play sessions or walks into your workday as a break for both you and your pet. A well-exercised pet is often a well-behaved one.

3. Avoid Common Distractions

Pets can be a major distraction when you’re trying to work, but there are other distractions to avoid as well.

Your phone, social media, or even household chores can take your attention away from work, making it harder to concentrate. Try to focus on one task at a time and avoid multitasking as much as possible.

Set specific times for breaks, and make sure to step away from your desk during those breaks to avoid the temptation of distractions.

4. Be Considerate of Coworkers

If you’re on conference calls or video meetings, keep in mind that your pet’s barking or meowing can be heard by your coworkers.

Let your coworkers know that you have a pet and that they may occasionally make noise in the background. If your pet is particularly vocal, consider keeping them in a different room or using a noise-canceling microphone.

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Finally, use technology to your advantage when working from home with pets. There are a variety of apps and tools that can help you manage your time, track your productivity, and even monitor your pet’s behavior. Consider investing in a pet camera or a treat-dispensing device to keep an eye on your pet while you’re working.


Working from home with pets can certainly have its challenges, but with a little bit of planning and patience, it’s entirely possible to create a productive and pet-friendly work environment.

Setting boundaries, keeping your pet entertained, avoiding distractions, being considerate of coworkers, and using technology to your advantage can all help you successfully navigate the world of working from home with pets.

By balancing work and pet care, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and make the most of your time at home.

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