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How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other

Properly introducing two dogs can be a tricky process. While most dogs will get along with one another eventually, the initial introduction can be daunting for both animals and humans alike.

This blog post outlines the steps you should follow when introducing two dogs to each other.

1. Separate the Dogs

First and foremost, it’s important that you keep the two dogs separated during the introduction process. Keeping them in separate rooms or having them on opposite sides of a desk or fence are both viable options.

Having them in close proximity gives them a chance to become accustomed to each other’s scent and presence without feeling overwhelmed or threatened by their presence.

It also allows you to observe their body language and make sure they both seem relaxed before proceeding further.

2. Allow Them to Sniff Each Other

Once you feel that both dogs are comfortable with the other’s scent, you can move on to allowing them to sniff each other directly.

This is an important step because it allows them to get used to one another’s physical appearance and recognize that there is no immediate danger from one another.

It also helps them understand how much space they need to give each other when interacting in person.

If either dog appears uncomfortable or aggressive at any point during this stage, go back and separate them again until they seem more relaxed.

3. Playtime

After the initial introductions are complete, it’s time for some playtime! Playing together helps create a bond between the two dogs as well as giving them an outlet for any energy they may have built up during the introduction process.

Playing also reinforces positive behavior between the two animals, which will help ensure a successful relationship going forward.


Introducing two dogs can be intimidating but with patience and proper execution, it doesn’t have to be difficult!

By following these steps you can ensure that your furry friends have a fun, safe introduction that sets up a strong foundation for their relationship going forward! With love and guidance from an attentive guardian, these pups will be best friends in no time!

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