Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?

When it comes to feeding your pup, it can be tough to know what’s safe and what’s not. One food that many owners wonder about is potatoes. Can dogs eat potatoes or should they avoid this starchy vegetable altogether?

Let’s dive into the nutritional content of potatoes and examine if they are a healthy snack for your furry friend.

Are Potatoes Safe for Dogs?

The short answer is yes, dogs can eat potatoes in moderation; however, there are certain precautions you should take before feeding them to your pup.

The main issue with potatoes is that they contain a compound called solanine, which can be toxic to both humans and animals if eaten in large quantities.

Fortunately, cooking the potato eliminates the majority of this compound and makes them safe for consumption. However, when preparing a potato for your pup, make sure you never add any unhealthy condiments such as salt or butter as these can be detrimental to their health.

Another precautionary measure you should take is avoiding green potatoes all together. Green potatoes contain higher levels of solanine and should never be fed to your dog as even small amounts could make them sick.

Additionally, always make sure you wash the skin thoroughly before cooking the potato as dirt may contain harmful bacteria that could pose a risk to your pup’s health.

Are Potatoes Healthy for Dogs?

Overall, potatoes can provide some health benefits when fed in moderation; however, they do not offer much in terms of nutrition on their own.

A cooked potato offers some carbohydrates which help provide energy but also contains vitamins C and B6 which help promote eye health as well as aid in muscle growth and development respectively.

Furthermore, some studies have suggested that eating boiled potatoes may help improve digestion which can come in handy when dealing with sensitive stomachs or constipation issues in older pups.


In conclusion, dogs can eat cooked potatoes safely but only in moderation due to their lack of nutritional content on their own.

When preparing cooked potatoes for your pup always cook them without any additional condiments such as salt or butter and avoid green ones altogether.

With these few considerations taken into account then cooked white/red/sweet potatoes can make an ideal occasional snack for your furry friend!

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