Can Dogs Eat Pastry?

Majority of people on the planet safely enjoy pastry as a savory snack and dessert. Does this hold true for our furry friends as well?

It is generally known that most bread products are safe for dogs to consume. However, pet owners should take certain precautions when feeding their pup pastry.

Let’s investigate what dog owners and pet parents have to understand about this flavorful snack/dessert.

Is it Safe for Your Dog to Consume Pastry?

The quick answer is yes, but it’s not a good idea. The bread ingredients of the pastry contain water, flour, shortening, milk, sugar, butter, baking powder and eggs. All of which is safe for dogs. However, there’s other ingredients that you need to consider before giving your puppy a taste of this sweet treat.

First and foremost, the majority of pastry products are high in fat and sugar. Food products high in sugar can give your dog an upset stomach and or diarrhea. Prolonged consumption of pastry by your pet could cause obesity and possibly heart problems as well.

Too much sugar can also cause digestive issues in your pet which could possibly lead to more fatal health complications. This alone should give pet owners reason enough to avoid giving their pup pastry. Another ingredient that could possibly harm your pet is xylitol, which is used as a substitute for sugar. If your dog consumes pastry that contains the smallest amount of xylitol, it can make your dog severely ill. Some of the symptoms your pup would possibly experience include vomiting, decreased activity, low blood sugar, weakness, incoordination and possibly collapse.

Additionally, most pastries typically contain fillings that are visually hidden which could possibly be a multitude of different ingredients. This increases the chances of your pet possibly consuming an ingredient that could be harmful; due to the owner not knowing what’s inside of the pastry. 

Despite all the numerous things that could go wrong for your pet regarding pastries. There’s some good news. If your pet eats one piece of pastry that consists of the baked product alone without a filling, they should be ok. However, I would advise any pet parent not to give their pet pastry due to the low nutritional value it has compared to other healthy pet snack options.


In conclusion, the majority of dogs would enjoy consuming sweet pastries on rare occasions. As long as the pastry doesn’t contain a filling that is harmful to dogs; it should be ok for your pet to consume a small amount of pastry. However, it’s in the best interest for pet owners and their dogs to exercise extreme precaution when deciding to feed their dog pastry treats.

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